We evolve with agility and integrity in a fast changing European healthcare environment.

  • Our Human scale provides us with the ability to act and take key decisions promptly.
  • Our open minded spirit allows us to explore new fields and collaboration options.
  • We foster creativity in our organization, encouraging the emergence of innovative solutions.


Our success relies on constant learning through exchange of knowledgeexperience and new ideas within our organization and with our partners.

  • We strongly believe that successful long term relationships have to stem from trust, respect and win-win partnerships.
  • Our human size structure which fosters open communication and experience sharing is the best ground for employee fulfillment and motivation to deliver results.
  • In order to progress, humility, active listening and constant learning are the cornerstones of Therabel’s approach with our partners, patients, healthcare professionals, and employees.


We strive to build trust by combining commitment to results with adherence to the best industry standards, placing ethics within our core values.

  • Firm compliance to industry rules and codes of ethics is a must in order to gain confidence from authorities, partners, patients and healthcare professionals.
  • We care for patients and healthcare professionals by bringing therapeutic solutions improving health.
  • We care for employees by providing a safe and stimulating working environment and expect them to do their daily job with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.