• Our partners’ long term satisfaction is of utmost importance for Therabel; as demonstrated by the fact that most partners renew their collaboration with Therabel due to their high level of satisfaction.
  • We offer full capabilities in European market access from registration to pricing and reimbursement, and can act as a « one stop shop » for companies willing to commercialize their products in Europe.
  • We have very experienced teams with strong local expertise, and our commercial presence covers both the hospital specialist level and the primary care level making it possible to detail products through both routes.
  • Partnered products benefit from the highest level of attention and focus, in order to maximize the collaboration.
  • Our human size enables our partners to have direct and effective communication with key decision-makers within Therabel.
  • We are flexible and open to any form of win-win partnership, with the aim to help our partners achieve their strategic objectives.

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